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Name Title Department Direct Phone
Andover Level 3 Nurses Office Andover 781-372-0041
Andover Level 4 Nurses Office Andover 781-372-0042
Ariane Loeb Social Worker Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0217 x 2317
Babson Reception Babson 781-372-0103 x 5003
Bill Mara & Ashley Hill Drivers Community Living x 2453
Bistro Common Areas x 2416
Brandy Sarian Social Worker Resident Health 781-372-0282 x 2374
Carrissa Brennan Executive Assistant/ Special Projects Manager Administration x 2206
Charlie Stipo Housekeeping Manager Housekeeping 781-372-0280 x 2285
Chris Monti Director Dining Services Dining Services x 2255
Chris Parchmann Fitness & Recreation Manager Fitness 781-372-0057 x 2057
Christine Bouchard Director of Resident Health Services Resident Health x 2376
Clara Pavone Resident Billing Finance 781-372-0247 x 2237
Community Outreach (Tufts Osher and Bently Service Learning) Common Areas 781-372-0276 x 2210
Country Store Common Areas 781-372-0242 x 2405
David Meister Plant Maintenance x 2354
Deborah Sullivan Dietician Dining Services 781-372-0265 x 2265
Diane Amato Accounting Manager Finance 781-372-0274 x 2503
Dining Reservations Common Areas 781-372-0237 x 2260
Dining Room Common Areas x 2270
Emma Doyle Human Resources Assistant Human Resources 781-372-0088 x 2234
Erin Finn Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Administration 781-372-0139 x 2239
Esthetician Appointments Yvonne Sadoway Common Areas 978-239-4398
Fitness Offices Fitness 781-372-0252 x 5006
Food Services Administrative Assistant Dining Services 781-372-0237 x 2260
Gardenview Reception Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0215 x 5001
Guest Suite Common Areas 781-372-0122 x 2222
Hayli Throckmorton Therapeutic Recreation Manager Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0206 x 2325
Jamie Ellis Senior Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 781-372-0255 x 2211
Janet Garvey Marketing Manager Marketing 781-372-0219 x 2295
Jaqueline Pinney Fitness Instructor Fitness 781-372-0232 x 2375
Jessica Geneus Dining and Events Manager Dining Services 781-372-0214 x 2256
Jim Freehling CEO/President Administration x 2205
John Tierney Community Living Operations Coordinator Community Living 781-372-0141 x 2401
Josephine Cronin Director of Nursing Services Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0249 x 2315
Kimberly Pratt Director of Human Resources Human Resources 781-372-0276 x 2210
Kristen Kenney Director of Marketing Marketing 781-372-0091 x 2291
La-Keisha Milord Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Resident Health
Laura Anderson Director of Community Living Community Living 781-372-0289 x 2386
Library Common Areas x 2415
Lisa Beckwith Marketing Manager Marketing 781-372-0121 x 2292
Lisa Brodie Marketing Coordinator Marketing 781-372-0219 x 2295
Maintenance Work Order Request Line Plant Maintenance 781-372-0270 x 2400
Margaret Morrissey Activities Assistant Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0206 x 2325
Martha Zuniga Housekeeping Assistant Manager Housekeeping 781-372-0257 x 2285
Massage Therapy Appointments Kori Vitiello Common Areas 617-803-1860
Meredith DuRoss Personal Wellness Coordinator/Resident Tech Support Resident Health 781-372-0213 x 2213
Mike Brennan Director of Plant Maintenance Plant Maintenance x 2350
Mike Ferraina Chef Dining Services 781-372-0241 x 2258
Miyoung Yang Community Living Manager Community Living 781-372-0184 x 2384
Nicole McClear Community Living Programs and Services Coordinator Community Living 781-372-0054 x 2506
Nurse Manager Nursing Center “GardenView”
Olivia Ashburne Community Living Administrative Assistant Community Living 781-372-0202 x 2402
Reception Main Switch Board Front Desk 781-863-9660
Rehabilitation Outpatient Nursing Center “GardenView” 781-372-0137 x 2507
Resident Health Receptionist Resident Health Administrative Assistant Resident Health 781-372-0104 x 5004 or 2370
Rob MacLeod Maintenance Project Manager Plant Maintenance 781-372-0153 x 2353
Salon at 1010 Common Areas 781-372-0264 x 2406
Security Office Security 781-372-0147 x 2347
Steve Cavagnaro Maintenance Supervisor Plant Maintenance x 2355
Sue Kirkpatrick Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer Administration 781-372-0208 x 2235
Tom Cullinane Maintenance Supervisor Plant Maintenance x 2351
Travis Reid Accounts Payable Finance 781-372-0216 x 2236
Vanessa Vega Director of Andover Andover 781-372-0266 x 2266
Zuzana Semanchick Fitness Instructor Fitness 781-372-0221 x 2241